Tax The Banks: Save The Children

4 Jul
We want a bank tax that would make Robin proud. We know that the Government could introduce greater taxation on the financial sector to the tune of £20bn a year.

I believe that with cuts to libraries, arts & heritage and education means that the youth of today have nowhere to spend their time. With parents having to tighten their purse strings even more, they can't be giving their children money to spend at leisure activities, such as the cinema. Thus, some children are turning to crime, specifically mugging and robbery, in order to get the things they want. It's not right and we shouldn't be rewarding this behaviour, however I can sympathise with these young people who feel their lives are unjust and they are being robbed, so they are retaliating in the way they see possible.

Giving these children a free place to go, such as through government funded schemes as The Challenge, or free Youth Clubs to attend (these are places for children to go and spend time with each other in a safe environment, not somewhere that acts as a school outside-of-school, holding things like 'Health and Safety Days', which would not entice any teenager to stay off the street) will decrease crime, as well as giving teenagers (especially those who are not committing crime, but are just sat at home bored) a place to go.

We need the UK to be a leader and help push for Europe-wide taxes on the financial sector.

Thank you
Emma O'Brien

The above is my letter to my local MP, Richard Burden. It's not packed with facts, I don't think it gets my point across in its entirety. However, it does get the gist of what I want, it mentions the Robin Hood tax and what I think it should be used for and why.

I greatly encourage anyone else to do the same by going here:

Your letter doesn't have to take a lot of your time to write and needn't be difficult, just say what you feel. The more letters we get to them, the more likely this will go through.

Thanks for reading. Please spread the word!

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